Signs for early warning of drivers for possible danger.

Signs that require the driver to comply with certain traffic rules.

Signs with messages helpful to drivers, especially when moving on an unknown road network.

Signs that occasionally accompany some of the other category plates and provide additional information.

A line or signal designed on the road is just as important to avoid danger.

Sketches of intersections in various cases to understand traffic rules.

Aids related to engineering and ways of maintenance and care of vehicles.

Watch video on vehicle theory as well as all the questions with pronunciation and correct answers.

Frequent questions

  • These are the questions in the book with only two answers selected, so that it is easier for you to answer correctly.

  • It is the 100% simulation of the official application of examinations conducted in the local transport addresses. For each driving license there is the corresponding material (books) that you can study or follow the training series that we provide.

  • We have divided the book questions into Chapters to make it easier for you to study a series of similar questions. In combination with our notes on the theory, the theory becomes more understandable.

  • It is the material of the questions of each book, harmoniously separated, with fixed questions and answers. To have a slow and steady pace of reading and studying.

  • It will be very useful for you to start with the EASY TEST, then to practice the CHAPTER QUESTIONS. Then you can practice in the PREPARED TESTS or in the OFFICIAL TESTS that is in the TESTDRIVE


Thank you for the trust you have shown us all these years. We will be glad to know from your comments.

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